Hack Belgium

: A massive hack festival to build a better Belgium

4-5-6 May 2017, Brussels


: A crude yet effective, highly creative and unorthodox solution to a problem you can’t solve by conventional means.


: Technology is utterly transforming our world. Much of it in a good way. But while the world has never been this connected, it has also become more unstable. Every organisation has to question its future. So do you: what will you be doing in 10 years time?





reinvent your career, reimagine your business, and help build a better Belgium.


Imagine a radically different future, a radically better Belgium !


Smart Sustainable Agriculture

Imagine Belgium as a world leader in smart, sustainable farming. A country that produces vast quantities of fresh healthy foods without harming the planet… [click icon for details]

Inclusive, Seamless Financial Services

Imagine a financial ecosystem that lifts millions out of poverty and boosts the potential of millions more through access to the best possible allocation of financial assets…  [click icon for details]

10,000 Master Artisans

Imagine thousands of ambitious bakers, butchers and brewers harnessing the full potential of this country’s creative talent, know-how and scientific innovation… [click icon for details]

World's Mobility Brain

Imagine Belgium as the true “cross-roads” of the world, a country famed for its multi-modal traffic flows that are both vast and sustainable. Where personal mobility is safe, convenient and fast…  [click icon for details]

Sick No More

Imagine Belgium as a global center of excellence in personalised, predictive & preventative medicine… [click icon for details]

Meaningful Work for All

Imagine a Belgium where all working-age people have meaningful, rewarding work that is free of burn-out inducing stress… [click icon for details]

Media Lab @ Hack Belgium

Imagine a media landscape that isn’t prone to clickbait, sensationalism and lazy reporting. Imagine new technologies giving everyone access to events in real time in a verifiable way… [click icon for details]

Seat of Learning

Imagine Belgium as a capital of learning. A country where schools and other systems of learning deliver top-notch education and outcomes… [click icon for details]

A Country of Makers

Imagine Belgium with a smarter, cleaner industrial base, one that thrives instead of declines…  [click icon for details]

Clean Circular Economy

Imagine Belgium as a clean and circular economy, where CO2 is a resource and waste is profit, where sustainable design permeates everything we do and make… [click icon for details]

Tech Nation

Imagine Belgium as one of the world’s hottest technology hubs, a symbiotic mix of entrepreneurial universities and research institutes, outward-looking corporations and dynamic investors… [click icon for details]

A new era in food

Imagine Belgium as a global leader in sustainable food systems. A country noted for its incredibly diverse and gastronomic offerings, but where hardly anything is wasted… [click icon for details]

Shopping Delight

Imagine Belgium, not just as a nation of shoppers, but as a launchpad for highly creative retail concepts…  [click icon for details]

Cool Belgica

Imagine Belgium as one of the coolest tourist destinations worldwide. One that thoroughly eclipses the Beer, Chocolates & Bruges clichés… [click icon for details]

Design in Everything

Imagine a country that lives and breathes design. Where everything is infused with good design…  [click icon for details]

We're all Hackers

Imagine an entire nation of hackers. A nation of creative problem-solvers who work together and understand that hacking is for all, anyone and everyone… [click icon for details]


: from every sector and discipline, the biggest concentration of talent, expertise, and capital this land has ever seen


Jurgen Ingels is founding partner of SmartFin Capital , a European Private Equity fund, and managing partner of Eggsplore, a fintech incubator.  Earlier, Jurgen was the Founder and CFO of Clear2Pay, a leading payments technology company. Under his leadership, he grew the company to one of the world leaders in payment software with more than 1,200 employees in 14 countries and successfully sold the business to FIS for 400 million euro in October 2014. He currently holds Board positions at several technology companies such as Materialise, Itiviti, NGData, Itineris and Projective and is the founder and Chairman of start-ups.be.


Belgium’s best known “uber geek” Brice Le Blevénnec is the founder and CEO of Emakina Group (ALEMK), which gather 700 experts in a full service digital agency with offices all across Europe. He’s also an investor in startups (Zingle, Objekten, Kwarter,…) and earlier he ran CyberCafe21, a radio/TV show about geek technologies. Brice claims he’s always online unless asleep and has been playing video games since they first existed.




Kristof Calvo is federal faction leader of Ecolo-Groen. With special attention for energy, climate, taxation and economy. 29 years young. In 2010 the youngest directly elected member of parliament ever. Before he was three years national president of Jong Groen. Also is city councilor in Mechelen and president of Mmmechelen Feest.


Tech journalist par excellence, Brigitte has been in the thick of new technologies since the eighties. As founder and editor of Regional-IT, Brigitte brings news and in-depth analysis of the French-speaking Belgian IT scene, shares stories of companies big and small, and keeps her readers up to date about the new technologies. Brigitte has a soft spot in her heart for the startups, and is a huge supporter of the startup people and initiatives.


Dries Buytaert is an Open Source developer, technology executive, academic, and hobbyist photographer. Dries is the founder and project lead of Drupal, an Open Source platform for building websites. Drupal is used by 2% of the world’s websites. He is also co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Acquia, a venture-backed technology company. Dries hold a PhD in computer science and engineering from Ghent University and a Licentiate Computer Science (MsC) from the University of Antwerp. He is a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.





Filip Tack is a business developer and team builder with a predilection for disruptive innovation and startup business. Filip is the co-founder and CEO at Nomadesk, a European SaaS company focused on Enterprise File Sharing & Synchronization (EFSS) technology. Filip bootstrapped Nomadesk and made it into a revenue generating SaaS-business, poised for growth. He raised over USD 10 million in venture capital (seed, series A and B). The company is a 2012/2014 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 finalist and a 2012 Red Herring Global Top 100 finalists. Nomadesk is venture-backed by Gimv and Nausicaa Ventures.


Justine is an American who helps Belgian companies & organizations position themselves and their brands to increase visibility, credibility and likability to meet revenue goals. She works with a variety of methods that come directly from the social sciences (anthropology, psychology, behavioral economics, etc.) to examine the tangible and intangible aspects of an organization. The insights point to new growth opportunities.


Deepak Mehta is serial hacker, educator and innovation enabler at the crossroad of old and new, always guiding and connecting people, ideas and knowledge. Deepak helps entrepreneurs find their way from prototype to mass-manufacture using digital fabrication. Deepak has organised TEDxYouth@Flanders and plenty of hackathons and StartupWeekends on a broad range of verticals, from Fashion to Education.


A Chief Digital Officer with a broad technical background intersecting corporate strategy, marketing, technology and innovation. Expert in driving growth by converting traditional analog businesses into digital ones. Oversees operations in rapidly changing digital sectors, such as mobile applications, social media and related applications, virtual goods, as well as “wild” web-based information management and marketing.


Audrey is hugely passionate about Digital.  She uses her finely honed gut feel and extensive experience to help organisations grow and transform by designing & implementing differentiated customer experiences, opening them up to new business models and by developing interactions and engagement with connected customers.

Bram Vanderborght

Bram Vanderborght is professor at the VUB where he teaches mechatronics and is involved in several robotics projects. Bram is a member of the Young Academy of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts. His research interests include cognitive and physical human robot interaction, robot assisted therapy, humanoids and rehabilitation robotics. Earlier he conducted research in Japan on the humanoids robot HRP-2 and in Italy on the humanoid robot iCub.


Béatrice de Mahieu is an entrepreneur, investor and self-described digital freak and health geek. She co-founded Virtuology Academy in 2013. This academy is dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, with a special focus on how entrepreneurship thinking and lean startup methodologies can help corporates plan, pivot, think and act like a startup. Béatrice is also passionate about health and food. She obtained a degree as a nutrition expert in 2011, followed by a Health Coach certification in New York in 2012.

Sarah Vansteenkiste

Sarah Vansteenkiste is coordinator of the Centre of Expertise for Labour market Monitoring (CELM; ‘Steunpunt Werk’ in Dutch), a university-based knowledge centre of KU Leuven for the monitoring and analysis of the labour market, acting on behalf of the Flemish Government. Sarah and her team focus on the development of indicators, time series, projections and benchmark analyses related to the Flemish labour market. 


Prof Dr. Koen Kas is a biotech entrepreneur with 25 years of experience in the health and biomedical sciences, driven by the aim to make healthcare more personalized, predictive, participatory and preventive. Trendspotting developments at the crossroads of biology, medicine and technology, he uses these insights in different advisory roles facilitating innovative disruptions in Healthcare. He serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of a number of companies and he has released a first book on the Future of Healthcare.


Katrien Barrat is a serial entrepreneur.  After 18 years experience in market development roles at director level in services and telecom, she founded C-Change. Katrien focuses on fundamentally understanding the consumer and market needs. Besides that, she co-founded De Fermetisten, an e-commerce platform for good, local and fair food. Hence, she is an expert in logistics, innovation and food.


PR innovation speaker, trainer & builder. Publisher of Founder and creative director of brand story management software


After an international career in technology and management Mark became an entrepreneur and started anaXis, one of the first internet companies in Belgium. After stewarding the company for ten+ years, Mark took on a new challenge: drones, or as he calls it, the Internet of Flying Things. He founded drone cluster EUKA bringing together businesses, government and research institutions to enable this new economy. Mark organises DroneConvention.eu and Drone Hero Contest.


Juan is a VR (Virtual Reality) Evangelist, Enabler and Startups Coach. He co-founded EUVR.ORG, the European platform for the Virtual Reality Developer community and VR enthusiasts. He is also leads the ICT and Creative Industries Business Unit at Impulse.Brussels. His team is passionate about helping startups and SME’s succeed in the field of ICT and Creative Industries in the Brussels Region.


Katja is a leading Learning and personal development specialist. She is founder and CEO of sCool. sCool teaches children in primary schools digital social responsibility from an early age by providing an online environment exclusive for young people that actively promotes understanding, safety and a culture free from cyber-bullying. Katja is also a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.


Dries Hulens is a PhD student at KU Leuven and is focused mainly on the automation of drones. Drones are equiped with a microcomputer and a camera that together manage the drone’s behaviour and thus make them autonomous. Dries has developed software that enables a drone to detect persons and follow them. This technology has numerous applications in media, entertainment, security and emergency services. For example, a drone could autonomously follow and film a skier hurtling down a mountain.


Jan Leyssen is a designer who develops systems, products and business models that guide society towards a more sustainable social and economic system in the long term. He is the founder of Regenerative Design.


Maarten is founder and CEO of this fourth company, ServersCheck – an industrial IoT outfit with a global footprint and a dead-impressive 7000+ customer base that includes HP, Intel, Skype and Cisco.  Maarten is also mentor, lecturer at several universities and startup programs, and an outstanding advisor on internationalisation, sourcing & supply chain and bootstrapping.


Philippe Van Impe is a Founding Partner of the Brussels Data Science Community, an open community of specialists in data and business. The community’s activities aim to bridge the gap between businesses and academia, through regular meetups, training and ‘Data for Good’ projects, where members contribute their skills to work on projects with NGO’s, public institutions and start-ups. Philippe is also the Founder of the European Data Innovation Hub, which connects and supports data professionals throughout Europe to share and discuss best practices in open data, big data and data innovation.


Xavier Damman is a Belgian tech entrepreneur. Currently he’s working on a new lightweight and transparent organization structure for the new economy The Open Collective. Previously he was cofounder/CEO of Storify. Xavier is passionate about the digital renaissance. He likes to think about the future of media (hence Storify), organizations and democracy. Xavier is also an avid hacker and speaker.


Thomas is applying true and tested methods from 10 years of experience in software development, conversion optimization and data driven marketing to healthcare. He is co-founder and CEO of Awell, the operating system for value-based care.


Bart did his PhD at the KU Leuven Robotics Research Group on improving range and speed of drones. The innovative drones, called ‘VertiKUL’, are a combination between multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft and won several awards. He and his team are dedicated to make this technology available for emergency applications such as express deliveries or urgent aerial inspections.


Joris is building a global movement to reduce food waste. With Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network, his team connects and supports the most innovative entrepreneurs across Europe that reduce food waste or use food surplus. In 2015 Joris was selected as 1 of Belgium’s 100 most promising sustainable young changemakers.


Winnie is a biochemist and co-founder of ReaGent, a public biolab for making biosciences more accessible, promoting biosciences among children and stimulating creativity in biosciences. ReaGent realizes its mission by providing lab infrastructure and making knowledge on biosciences understandable in a result-oriented way, through workshops or otherwise.

Katlijn Voordeckers

Katlijn Voordeckers is the founder of OpmerKelijk and the guiding spirit of the OpmerKelijk Community, with almost three hundred active female entrepreneurs. She’s passionate about brand management, communication & creative concepts. Katlijn is creating and refining remarkable brands for start-ups and growing businesses. For her, the most important question for each entrepreneur always is: ‘Do you dare to be remarkable?’ In 2014 she was the co-author of the book ‘Onderneemster zkt sterk merk’. #opmerkelijk #durfjijopmerkelijktezijn #sterkmerk #sterknetwerk #creatieveconcepten


Grew up among flowers and plants, farming is in his blood.  Editor of De Loonwerker, een leading farming mechanics magazine. Biomass evangelist. Fan of good food and beverages, preferably local and as fresh as possible. Driven by innovation, curious of what is to come. Often in the company of a dog.


As CEO of VIM, the Flemish Institute for Mobility, Koen Valgaeren has his finger on the pulse of the newest innovations in the area of mobility. Koen is an engineer and entrepreneur with a long career in the automotive industry and mobility sector.


Vincent is the man behind Reinventing Brussels, a co-creation initiative to improve the city in areas such as mobility, smart-city and co-living.  Earlier, Vincent was Business Transformation Director at Mobistar, and in 2011 founded his own company, Changing World, specialised in change facilitation, collaboration and organizational change. In addition, he’s a director at micro-credit organisation Oiko Credit and is constantly developing new concepts to improve collaboration.


Dr. ir. Dries Berckmans, 34 years old, has obtained a magna cum laude degree in Mechanical engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven), Belgium, in July 2005. In April 2010, Dries finished his PhD in the noise and vibration research group of the K.U.Leuven on the topic of traffic noise synthesis. During his PhD, Dries worked on simulation techniques for the estimation of the annoyance caused by vehicle and aircraft pass-by noises. In 2011, Dries was co-founder of SoundTalks NV, a spin-off company of the K.U.Leuven and the university of Milan. Since launching SoundTalks. Dries is active as CEO of the company.


Dr. Miel Hostens is co-founder of Bovi-Analytics, a University of Ghent spinoff, specialised in Big Data analytics for dairy science. Miel is also a Post-doc researcher at the University of Ghent, specialised in herd health management. He has a PhD in Veterinary Medicine and is currently enrolled in the Master in Computational Statistics program at Ghent University.


Dries De Roeck leads all things research at the creative agency Studio Dott. The central topic of his research is to understand how technology can be used as design material for the creation of meaningful products for people. In collaboration with Knowcards, he recently launched the Internet of Things Ideation Cards, a personalisable deck of cards to conceptualise IoT products. Dries is an active thingscon fellow, which is a European organisation that fosters the creation of a human-centric & responsible IoT.

Peter Leemans

Peter is a Belgian tech entrepreneur. He is co-founder and CTO of IoT prototyping platform AllThingsTalk. He is passionate about Cloud, the Internet of (Things) Everything and Big Data and exploring new Business Models.

Stijn Bossin

Stijn Bossin is a consultant for ‘Innovatiesteunpunt’, the Flemish innovation center for agricultural and rural development. ‘Innovatiesteunpunt’ stimulates and supports innovative agriculture and horticulture by offering specific education, advice and guidance

Quentin Degroux

Quentin studied journalism, and completed a master’s degree in international and finance journalism at IHECS (Brussel’s school of journalism). After discovering blockchain during his studies in 2012, he dedicated most of his time to the topic, specialising in the trading of bitcoin and Altcoins. In addition, he is an active community member and promoter of the Solarcoin ecosystem and is launching a crypto-currency mining operation which is currently in production.

Day 1


:Designed to expand your horizons, unleash your creative juices, and generally boost your mind to greatness

Day 2


:Take the first step toward realising your dream. This is the moment. You’ll have access to the biggest concentration of talent, expertise and resources this country has ever seen.

Day 3


:The big hooray. It’s time to show your work, celebrate everybody’s achievements and go ballistic in a climatic party.



Designed to expand your horizons, unleash your creative juices, and generally boost your mind to greatness.

Inspiring Talks & Performances

Learn about innovation opportunities in all sectors, discover new connections, and brush up your creative thinking skills

The Experience Zone

Play and experiment with new bleeding edge tech, from VR and 3D printing to robotics, drones and AI. Warp your mind into the hazy cross-over of art and technology.

Deep Dive “Curveball” Workshops

Intense 2-hour workshops that explore specific ideas in depth. This is where the ideas and teams coallesce. Is this idea crazy enough to be worth doing?

Mix & Mashing

Speed up serendipity by speed-dating with super inspiring people. What happens if you mix a data scientist, an artist and baker? What happens if you mix a teacher, a chemistry PhD and a game developer?



Take the first step toward realising your dream. This is the moment. You’ll have access to the biggest concentration of talent, expertise and resources this country has ever seen.

Off-beat Duo Mentors

Duo mentor teams consisting of top achievers with wildly different backgrounds (business, art, science, politics, etc) will roam the rooms and challenge your thinking

Digital Sensei

Belgium’s best and most successful tech entrepreneurs will be available for coaching and may even join your team if you tell a good story.

Brains on Demand

Experts in every conceivable domain will be accessible via video link up. Ideal for rapid testing of hypotheses.

Tools & Toys

You played with crazy new tech in the experience zone. Now put it to use in your hack project.



The big hooray. It’s time to show your work, celebrate everybody’s achievements and go balistic in a climatic party.

Pitching Rounds

Present your work to groups of yours peers. Make an impression and you’ll earn the main stage.

Demo Zone

Let people interact with your prototype in the Demo Zone. Build relationships for the next step.

Artistic Crescendo

The creation of a massive digital art installation reaches its climax.


Time to let rip.


Tour & Taxis

Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

Hack Belgium

: A massive hack festival to build a better Belgium

4-5-6 May 2017, Brussels