Ready for a change

You are ready
for a change

The world is racing forward at breakneck speed - accelerating technological progress, societal changes and environmental pressure. You want to have a meaningful impact for others, the environment and yourself.

But how do you start ?

Kick to get going

You need a kick
to get going

  • Find Purpose

    One of our 12 societal themes is sure to touch you personally. Choose it and make it your life’s work.

  • Expend your skills

    +150 workshops to learn the critical 21st century skills: design thinking, entrepreneurship, creativity and collaboration.

  • Go fast

    200 experts to help you go from a vague idea to a concrete, viable business proposition.

  • Hands-on with technology

    Experience the lat- est in emerging technologies (from AI to Biohacking) and apply them to your idea.

  • Transform your network

    Meet people from universities, research institutes, startups, large and small companies, government and non-profits.


3 days to create a project of your own

You will come up with powerful ideas, connect with people and build a project that makes a difference in the real world.

Give 'Future you' the greatest of gifts : purpose & skills

Whatever you do today, you can’t miss out on this opportunity to reinvent yourself. Invest three days to bring out the Thomas Edison, the Oprah, the Elon Musk in you!

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