You can't outsource it.

For your company to thrive, your entire team must become top innovators

But you can't teach innovation in a classroom

Kick to get going

Hack Belgium 2019 is a game changer

We have succeded to blend four factors into one effective and unique experience to drive innovation: Motivation, Knowledge, Skills & Network.

Your colleagues will come up with a profoundly relevant idea, build a team, develop a blueprint for a product and present it to future users. All with the support of hundreds of experts, and in the atmosphere of positivity and collaboration.

Intense program delivers on four key innovation factors

  • Motivation

    Starts with finding genuine passion. We have selected 12 societal themes to work on.

  • New Horizons

    through a hands-on experience with 10 emerging technologies and 200 experts.

  • Learning by Doing

    100+ workshops and immediate application of newly learned skills like design thinking and entrepreneurship.

  • Network

    1000 participants, 50 supporting organisations and 30 partners working for a great cause!


Everyone an innovator

Give your colleagues a
second wind

It’s only three days, and it’s only once a year - you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to keep your colleagues innovating throughout 2019.

2019 partners