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Meet the Curators of Hack Belgium 2018

At Hack Belgium 2018, each of the challenges and technologies will have a lead expert. This expert will define his or her sector and select other experts to work with them. Their goal: helping the 1000 Hack Belgium participants launch Belgium-changing projects in just 3 days.


Challenge Curators


Hack Belgium 2018 aims to solve 12 societal challenges. These were derived from the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the SDGs cover societal challenges worldwide. That’s why we’ve selected 12 lead experts to help us narrow the challenges down to what is relevant in Belgium. Here they are:


Societal Challenge Curator From
Meaningful Work For All Fons Leroy

Yves Magnan



Inclusive, Vibrant Cities Bart Somers Stad Mechelen
Preventative Health Koen Kas HealthSkouts
Circular Economy Yolan Gielen Vlaanderen Circulair
A New Era In Food Joris Depouillon FOODWIN
Future-Proof Education Caroline de Cartier TeachforBelgium
Credible, Engaging Media Floris Daelemans VRT Innovation
Fast, Clean Mobility Cathy Macharis VUB
New Relationship with Oceans Laurenz-Frederik Pauli Blauwe Cluster
Energy Transition Johan Driesen EIT InnoEnergy, KULeuven
Smart Make Industries We’re still looking… Want to be our Make Industries curator? Apply here
Open, Fast Finance We’re still looking… Want to be our finance curator? Apply here


Technology Curators


To help the participants ‘hack’ the 12 societal challenges, we want to inspire them with innovative technology. That’s why we’ve invited the top of Belgium’s technology experts to be at Hack Belgium and present their work – and to assist the participants launch their own ground-breaking projects. Here they are:


Techology Curator From
AI & Analytics Eric Cattoir IBM
Blockchain Sebastien Arbogast Epseelon
Digital Fabrication Ann Peeters EHB
Drones & Aerospace Guerric de Crombrugghe beSpace + Antwerp Space
IoT Tom Casaer Allthingstalk
Robotics Francis Wyffels UGent
Autonomous Vehicles Peter Hellinckx UAntwerpen
Bio as Tech Winnie Poncelet Reagent
Energy Tech We’re still looking… Want to be our Energy Tech curator? Apply here
VR&AR Cederic Haverbeke Edorble


Do you not really understand what these curators do?


No worries, we totally get it if you don’t get it. Hack Belgium has so many layers, it almost compares to this wedding cake. So let’s recap. The goal of Hack Belgium is that during 3 days, 1000 participants launch their own new projects. Projects that in innovative ways respond to our biggest societal challenges.


But how can you, as a participant, know precisely what those societal challenges are? And how will you think of an innovative way to solve this challenge? That’s where the curators come in. Their role is to define workshops that help you get a substantial understanding of a challenge. They also define workshops that help you understand in less than an hour what a specific technology can do for the challenge you care about.


Want an example? Here it goes. Let’s say, you care about urban development. You want to be part of a project that makes your city better. You come to Hack Belgium and attend workshops on city vibrancy, diverse communities and quality of environment. That’s because Bart Somers, Mayor of Mechelen and winner of World Mayor Prize, has set up those workshops and selected experts to help you understand these topics.


You also attend a workshop on Bio as Tech, where curator Winnie Poncelet introduces you to the amazing things you can do with reclaimed biomaterials. Then you meet another participant who attended a workshop on Digital Fabrication, where Ann Peeters taught him all about FabLabs in the city.


Together, you decide to launch a bio-coder-dojo, where kids and parents use refurbished organic waste to 3D print street furniture for their neighborhood.

Awesomeness awaits.

Stay tuned!


Apart from curators, Hack Belgium brings together many more experts, mentors and coaches to help you go from coming up with an idea to launching your project. We’ll be announcing names soon.

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